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DJ Добрый МужичЁк

Автор блога: DJ Добрый МужичЁк
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Добрая ночь с DJ Добрый МужичЁк - RAPCORE
29.11.2012 с 3:30 до 8:30 Добрая ночь с DJ Добрый МужичЁк, на этот раз посвященная стилю RAPCORE*

Вас ждет:

PRoject Oxid - One Step Closer (Linkin Park)
Hollywood Undead - Levitate (Rock Mix)
Limp Bizkit - Rollin' (Air Raid Vehicle)
Avery Watts - A Cut Above
Crazy Town - Toxic (Explicit Album Version)
Evangelion - Start Again
Hidra - El Guardian De Las Palabras
Hora Zulu - Mis Barraqueras
Linkin Park - Lying From You
Nullset - Complacent
(408) Habitat - Gone Away
Dr. Core 911 - Never Die
The Deaf, Blind And Mute Humans - Close My Eyes
PRoject Oxid - Kill (Styles Of Beyond & 30 Seconds To Mars)
Sterenno - Adrenaline
The Deaf, Blind And Mute Humans - Oldschool Rock Party
Hard Target - Look Out (Feat Fred Durst)
Edl - Adieu
Reveille - What You Got
PRoject OxiD - Mr. Brown
P.O.D. - Babylon The Murderer
Bamboo - We Have A Fight
Fusebox Funk - Gotta Slow Down
Stemm - All I Need
Wash - These Games
Hora Zulu - Siempre Soñe Saber Sobre
Suck Down - Blindness
Aggressive Sound Painters - Prescious
Yama Arashi - Wide Vision
(408) Habitat - Harvest
Hacktivist - And Only Time Will Tell (Feat Jermaine Hurley/Ben marvin/Timfyjames)
Deuce - Nobody Likes Me (feat Truth and Ronnie Radke)
Limp Bizkit - Shotgun
Anotherrace - IQ
Avery Watts - Who I Am
Rili Dope - Grab me, Shake me
Scare Don't Fear - Phone calls from the dead
Innercorse - Red
PRoject OxiD - 08 - You Lose
Hollywood Undead - Coming Back Down
Linkin Park - Step Up
Shellshock - Noises
Not Easy Tracks - Benefit For Hyppocrite
Suck Down - Energy
Avery Watts - The Core
Dr. Core 911 - Riderz From Getto
Evangelion - Forget me
Wash - Walk Away
Zoo Strikes Back - Prison Dream
Hidra - Quien
Reveille - Modified Lie
P.O.D. - Murdered Love
Over-Reactor - Make the Grade
Showdown - So Help Me God
PRoject OxiD - SuperstaR
Blood Force Trauma - Red & Gold
Freak Town [Official Radio Single №1]
The Burning Desire - Winter Lights Pt. 2
Deuce - The One
Nullset - Shootcha
Aggressive Sound Painters - Leech
Limp Bizkit - Boiler
Sterenno - Terre Promise
Innercorse - For You
Fusebox Funk - Skeptical
The Spindle Sect - Escape Route
Kinds Of Cases - No Tomorrow
Not Easy Tracks - Nowhere To Go
Over-Reactor - Mouth of the Ghetto
Alpha-Project - Sans Limites
Anotherrace - Falldown
Bamboo - BMBmettor
Edl - Represent[/spoiler]

*RAPCORE (Рэпкор) — жанр альтернативной рок-музыки, характерный использованием рэпа (речитатива) в качестве вокала. Рэпкор сочетает в себе инструментальные и вокальные свойства таких направлений, как ню-метал, панк-рок, хардкор и рэп.
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