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КРИЦ - ЯНЛТ (2019) - #НеГолубойОгонек2020

28 мая 2020 - DJ Zuher

#КрутыеРебятаИграющиеЦоя #Криц #Цирк #НовыйГод #НовыйГод2020 #ЯНЛТ #Рок #Треш

This is not confession, and not highly likely. if the viewer continues to look, then means it wants. Justify for that i saw, knowing that it is not necessary to continue - there doesn't have a mean, that is not a provocation, and just all your enjoyment. Without reposts, likes and talks.



Album: Carousel (2017/2018/2019 - ...)

The video contains scenes of violence and consumpiton of alcoholic beverages. Alcohol harmes your health.


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