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Дислокация: Львов
Стилистика: Эстрада, Поп
Загружен: 05 Мая 2020
Рейтинг: 210
Статус: Первый уровень рейтинга
Участие в программах: ---
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Автор maksdivine пока не загрузил ещё треков

Maks Divines music was influenced by the music of the band t.A.T.u. and Madonna. His first album was named Broken Souls, which includes such hits as Without You, The Mermaid and Be Yourself. His upcoming album is scheduled for release at the end of 2019. Maks Divine began his music career in 2010. He started as a solo artist, and in 2011 continued as part of the DoMANi band. During its existence, the music band has released few singles and has participated in various music competitions, festivals, and concerts. In 2013, the band decided to take a break. In 2017, Maks Divine released a number of singles and covers and began recording his first solo album, which was finally released on October 10, 2018, on the eve of the artist's birthday. The first single was called The Mermaid, which was released on May 10, 2018. The single received good reviews from listeners as well as became a popular spin on AirPlay radio.

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