600V66A-Unique Men Of RockNRoll

Зухер и Компания-Попутного ветра

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Информация по треку:

Дислокация: Москва
Стилистика: Металл, Хард-Рок
Загружен: 10 Июля 2017
Рейтинг: 0
Статус: Второй уровень рейтинга
Участие в программах: Миксер
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You’re walking up ‘n down the streets.

Everything around is grey ‘n boring

You’re looking for something you need.

But what is that

You don’t know that.

You’ve got weekend ‘n wanna rest.                                    

Scores of bars behind your back.

Liters of booze in your tummy.

Music you’ve listened there

makes your head



Everything disgusting.

You have tired. You need drive.


You catch a car to come back home.

Again too drunk, again alone.

The driver is suspicious [ses’pises] but he wants to help.

He’s looking at you having something to tell:

“Have you ever listened to Rock’N’Roll? ”

Your answer is “No” because you’ve never heard.

He’s pushing a button on a strange device.

You feel some energy making you dance.




“Hey, driver, what is that?

What men are playing that?”


Unique men

Of Rock’N’Roll

It’s Elvis

Unique men

Of Rock’N’Roll

It’s Jerry Lee

Unique men

Of Rock’N’Roll

Chuck Berry

Buddy Holly

Little Richard

Ray Charles

The 2nd verse:

- Well, if it’s that

            You were looking for

I can drive you to the right place.

- Yeah, I want. I like it more and more.

I wanna see those men, I wanna talk to them!

- Ok, here we are.

            Get out of the car

                        But outside too bright.

                                   Better cover your eyes.

There’s a band on the stage

            Playing Rock’N’Roll.

You may go and listen but be careful with volts.


- What volts? Are they robots?

- No! They are playing so


It’s freedom!

Hot girls!

It's charging 
You To Live Your Life As Unique Man

Bridge verse:

I like the world of Rock’N’Roll

This music is a source of life.

I find myself in ecstasy

I find myself alive.

Get out of the mire.

Add colors to your life

At least one day a week

Just wake you up and look around.

Everyone deserves to be having fun.

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