Malika Ashken-My soul


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Дислокация: Астана
Стилистика: Эстрада, Поп
Загружен: 24 Марта 2020
Рейтинг: 10
Статус: Первый уровень рейтинга
Участие в программах: ---
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Couplet 1 My life is on the way Let me look at back My history is started i`d like to know the truth To know the falsehood To hear word - Don`t touch I`d like to fly and free To fall and stand To be defended by you To be frail, but over the stone wall I`d like the see the fire of my unknown soul

Chorus My soul flies Soaring like a missile Orbits in the skies To remain always crystal

Couplet 2 It`s a game, or i`m lost As a fling child at the door I`m boring in the calm Who tells me all the truth Who learns what`s harm and good Who tells me deed and affair I mix colors to pour my sadness in rainbow No comma, i put my dot

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