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I Still Can't Live When She Is Gone
Wherever Go I Hear Her Cry
I Can't Face This Mad World Alone
Without Her Hair Made Of Silk Rye

I Dream Of Her Clearwater Eyes
My Eyes These Times Are Never Dry
I Dream To Be Preserved In Ice
Until The Day When I Can Die

And All My Doubts Are Set Aside
I Should Not Live, There Is No Doubt,
Must Let The Warmth Of Suicide
Embrace Me Tight And Reach Me Out

I've Got My Noose, I've Got My Gun
Whatever Can I Do To Fade
But I Can't End What I've Begun
I Cannot Do This I'm Afraid

I Cannot Still Make Up My Mind
To Interrupt Or To Resist
Moments With Her I'll Just Rewind
I Cannot Live, So I'll Exist

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